Qing Ling Zhi is the number one international rice brand among rice importers.It has established since 1871. It is the world's most trusted international rice export brand with about 146 years experience.

Qing Ling Zhi is always 100% premium grade Thai Jasmine rice that is never mixed with the low quality rice. Until today, Qing Ling Zhi has always been trusted by wholesale and retail customers around the world. The followings are the success stories in many countries
青靈芝總是100% 等級保證的泰國香米,從來不會與抵制劣米混合。直至今日,青靈芝總是被全世界的批發零售商信賴。

​The strict production procedure guarnatee the quality of the rice.

Chaitip Qing Ling Zhi Thai Hom Mali Rice 青靈芝泰國茉莉香米