Asia's Leading Food and Hospitality Tradeshow
亞洲最大型國際餐飲及酒店設備展 HOFEX 2017

8th-11th May, 2017 (Monday to Thursday)
​2017 年5 月8 日至5 月11 日 (星期一至星期四)

​HOFEX – Asia’s Leading Food & Hospitality Tradeshow, has been taking the industry on numerous extraordinary journeys of culinary delicacies from all over the world in the past 30 years, bringing the most comprehensive selection of Food & Drinks, Hospitality Equipment & Supplies products to Asia.
第十七屆的HOFEX將慶祝成立30週年里程碑,繼續致力為買家搜羅最優質的食品飲料及設備。HOFEX 2017將延伸展覽面積至65,000平方米和14個展覽廳,內配合多個酒店餐飲設備與酒店科技服務相關產品及服務的專題展區。2,500家來自世界各地的供應商及廠家將雲集香港,為50,000位酒店及餐飲業買家締造一個切磋交流和擴展商網的良機。

The event was over and the Makfa product was one of the cooking ingredients for this event. The video have showed the  chef using Mafka's tomato pasta and wheat flour as cooking ingredients.
是次活動已結束,Makfa產品亦是次活動比賽的煮食食材之一。片段中就可見到廚師Mafka 的蕃茄味意粉及面粉作為煮食食材。

Sial Asia's Largerest Food Innovation Exhibition
中食展 亞州洲最大創新食品展

17th-19th May, 2017 (Wednesday to Friday)
2017 年5 月17 日至5 月19 日 (星期三至星期五)

SIAL China sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry, in particular in the meat, dairy and beverage sectors. 
每年,SIAL China 展會引領亞洲乃至全球買家來到上海,共同搭建中國食品行業最有影響力的商貿平臺。

The event was over and Makfa is also exhibiting at W4 Pavilion which highlights its characteristics and Russian style and establish a good platform for buyers.


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