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History and development 歷史及發展

Strong Billion Holdings Limited was established early. The business process get the direct sources from the producers, access to the China, Macau and Hong Kong Market and  sell the product to wholesale and retail market. The product become more favorable and give a better choice for the customer to buy high quality products.


​Through the market and supply chain analysis, the professional sales and purchase team will choose the elegant product for marketing. It will build up the brand more effectively. The establishment of  comprehensive and sales network, the producer can get the market information more easily and have a more suitable strategy to sells the products.
​利用專業採購及銷售團隊,透過對市場需求及供應鏈分析,選擇質量優秀價格合適之產品進行營銷,提升服務 ,建立良好口碑。建立全面及龐大銷售網絡,為供應商提供市場資訊及質量反饋,營造企業價值。設計合適營銷策略,為供應商提升產品價值及銷售毛利,制造雙贏。

Vision 展望

Build up the corporate image among the clients and the producers and become the major importer in Hong Kong. It will bring the long term benefit to the shareholders.With the formation of the procurement network, professional team and brand effect, establish a good foundation for the future development of Chinese food business.



Core Value 核心價值

Brand Building/品牌建立
​To provide the excellent, innovative and diversified products to the client, through the exhibitions and promotional actives to build the image of brand

Elegant Product/優質產品
Customer can buy the foreign elegant product in a reasonable price.


​Stick to Commitment, guarantee the quality service

Pursue innovation/追求革新
​Be creative and keep changing